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Olivia with Grams

Olivia and Grams

Steve and his Daughter Olivia

Steve and his gurl O

Ben foot leaves


Ben walks to the Beach

Right near da beach..

Ben on the Beach

Litttle Presque

Little Presque Isle

Crossing Over


The Arena

The Arena

Top of the World

Top of the World

The View

Superior View

Adam Jump


Ben Jump


Adam Dive




Family, Friends, Farm, Fishing, Firearms, Fotos.




The House


Adam Pool

The Good Life



The Old Barn


The Barn HillThe Barn Hill


The Third FloorThe Third Floor


The Pole BarnThe Pole Barn


The DepartedThe Departed


The TreeThe Tree


The LandThe Land


The SkyThe Sky


The TwinsThe Twins


The CrewThe Crew

The India Project is finally coming to an end.  After more than 15 months of preparation, execution and post production I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of “Svara” on April 2 in Santa Barbara, CA at the Lobero Theatre and Gallery 27 on E. Cota Street.  

The project encompasses the work of 21 photographers and videographers and is represented in a book, DVD, and website which will all be unveiled on April 2.  Books and DVDs are available for purchase, please contact me if you have any further questions.  

Hope to see you all there!








Ok, so something a little creepy happened today..  I was looking at my horoscope this evening and it was strikingly similar to my day:


Before I looked at my horoscope-

I spent the ENTIRE morning and afternoon editing other peoples pictures for the India book we are creating.  Some of the things we discuss are content, colors, lighting, ect.  It takes hours.  We have to look at every tiny detail (often resulting in arguments) before we move on.  We are also constantly trying to analyze each story and make sure we tell it correctly.  All for the sole purpose of creating this book.

Afterwards, I got online and began searching for images of FAMOUS Presidential mustaches to add to my facebook group “Bringing the Stache Back” (which I highly suggest you join if you are not already a member).  

This is what followed…..


Your horoscope for January 23, 2009

You might be drawn to some sort of artistic pursuit today. You enjoy studying a subject inside out. Maybe you will enroll for a course in painting. You’ll enjoy learning all about color, lighting, and shapes. Or you might want to do some creative writing. You could have fun studying up on grammar, vocabulary, or famous authors. You’ll want to explore something artistic in an analytical way, pulling things apart in order to understand them.


Like I said, a little creepy.  Maybe theres more to the stars after all…

Welcome to the Jungle

Due to editor restrictions I am unable to display key pictures to this story, but here is a taste of what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks.  

Recently I spent 5 days inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve, deep in the southern jungles of Kerala, following a group of students who are pursuing their Master’s degrees in wildlife biology and conservation.  The students spent two weeks earning field experience in a variety of areas including camera trapping, entomology, herpetology, and ichthyology (insects, amphibians, and fish respectively). 

The students are amazing.  Their knowledge of the jungle is intimidating and highly impressive considering many of them come from backgrounds that have little to  nothing to do with wildlife or conservation.  Many of the students left behind careers in medicine, geographical information systems, computer programing, mechanical engineering and a variety of other fields in a bid to pursue their true passion: the outdoors.

As a wildlife and outdoor enthusiast, I myself began college pursuing a degree in Zoology and have always loved learning about nature and wild places.  I cannot express the excitement I felt when I found out I was going to spend a week catching frogs, bugs, fish, and observing all manner of wildlife in the jungles of southern India.  I even had a chance encounter with a leopard one night while camera trapping after dark with some of  the students.  Needless to say, my face hurt from smiling so much.  

I encourage all of you to make the trip and enjoy it for yourselves.  Just watch out for the leaches…







                         Dr. Ajith Kumar and his 2008 class of Master students




_mg_7596An Atlas moth, the largest moth in the world, relaxes by the light from a mess hall window.  This moth hatches, breeds, and dies in only 2 short weeks and can have wing spans of up to 26 cm.





This was a crazy night.  My new friends Nisarga, Gilish, and Taron had planned to set off into the forest after dark to set up a camera trap in hopes of capturing some of the local wildlife on film.  A camera trap is simply a motion activated camera that is tripped when an animal passes through an infra red beam.

Intrigued, I asked to tag along and we set off into the jungle just before nightfall.  After about a 15 minute hike from the dormitory, we found a suitable site for the trap on a trail that ran along a nearby river.  

The students are meticulous with their research when conducting experiments. Noting such things as canopy cover, ground foliage, height of camera, distance from trail, and date and time.  Every detail is recorded to ensure all conservation needs for that area are addressed.

Once the camera was set in place Nasarga asked me to crawl on my hands and knees to test the hight of the camera.  Hesitant to actually crawl through the leaf litter which was full of hundreds leaches, I offered my best duck walk as a replacement.  Once we were satisfied, we packed our gear and headed back to the dorm.  

The following morning the camera was collected and this is the sequence of images that appeared –



                                              -Click for Larger Image-

The time indicated on the image of the leopard was cross examined with the time recorded for the placement of the camera, revealing only a 30 minute time difference from when we left the camera to when the leopard broke the beam.  Which means:  It is entirely possible that the cat was there the whole time watching us and then came to investigate once we had gone.  



                                       I wasn’t lying about the leaches…

Alive and Well

Hello everyone,

First off let me thank all of you for the messages, I am fine and thankfully unaffected by the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

I am sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I have spent the last several weeks lost in the jungle and on the road. I plan on posting some images tomorrow after i have had time to review and edit them so be sure to check back.

I have been seeing some amazing things these past couple of weeks. Eye-opening things that have changed me forever, and changed the way I view everyday conveniences.

The world is a vast place full of all kinds of people and cultures, but as someone explained to me recently some things remain constant no matter where you are. Like the ability to love and hate; the will to succeed; fear of the past, present, and future; personal insecurities; and a general desire to be respected and appreciated. Though much of the world may view the Indian culture as primitive and third world, many may be suprised to find just how much they share in common with these people. It is a culture rich in pride and tradition, and I am forever grateful to have bared witness to it.

Fun with Tuk- Tuks

Here are a bunch of images from our infamous Tuk-Tuk races.  They may look tame, but believe me they aren’t.